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Applicant Tracking Software | Recruiting Simplified by iApplicants

Are you overwhelmed with your current employment application process? Do you have stacks of paper applications and endless spreadsheets that make it hard to do the real work of screening and hiring new employees? iApplicants can help!

Applicant Tracking Software Provides More Applicants

iApplicants provides you with unique ways to find more applicants for your job openings. By utilizing online resources such as job boards and social media, iApplicants will deliver a wider range of applicants to choose from.

Applicant Tracking Software makes for Quick Screening

Quantity doesn’t always mean quality. iApplicants provides you with customizable filters to screen potential applicants and only deliver those who are qualified.

Applicant Tracking Software Allows Instant Reporting

One of the biggest expenses a business faces is that of hiring and training new employees. Our applicant tracking system provides you with instant reporting capabilities to give you the power to make informed decisions on hiring new employees.

Affordable Applicant Tracking System

iApplicants provides the perfect solution for small to mid-sized companies that is sure to fit in their tight budgets. Pricing ranges from $500 to $3000 per year with the average client spending around $129 per month!
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